If you want to jump straight to tutorials on using the slam6d to match a data set, you can use these links:
A tutorial on how to sequentially match a data set.
A tutorial on how to perform a global optimization on a sequentially matched data set.

The process by which scans are merged into one coordinate system is called registration and this is what the slam6d component does. There are two types of algorithms that slam6d can use.

ICP Matching: Also known as seqeuntial matching, this type of matching goes over the scans sequentially. It takes two scans at a time.

Global Matching: This type of matching can process multiple of scans at one time and the sequence of the scans does not matter. When Global matching is used, a second parameter must be specified.

By default, the slam6d component uses the sequential matching.

To use the slam6d component, you must specify the folder which contains the scans to be registered in the command line. For instance using the folder "dat" as the target folder containing the scans, the command for using the slam6d component will be:
slam6d dat
There are several specifications that can be used in the command line to customize the scans that are registered. Below are a few of the specifications.
This is for specifying where the scan should start.
This is for specifying where the scan should end.
This specifies the maximum number of iterations for ICP matching.
This specifies the maximum number of iterations for Global matching.
This is for specifying the file format of the scans for ICP matching. However, the default file format is uos. You can check out the different file formats here.

For a complete list of the parameter specifications for the slam6d component, just type the command:
An example of the command for the slam6d component using some specification parameters will be:
slam6d -s 1 -e 60 dat
So the slam6d component takes the scans as inputs and generates .frames files as output.

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