This component contains the software needed to realize a projection based 3D laser scanner. Input is a video, where a laser line is moving over an object.

User-Interface of Show

The output is a complete 3D model of the object.

To run the program type

david_scanner config_file
where config_file is the path to the configuration file that has all the necessary information for the program. The configuration file is structured as follows, one line for each information:

path to the directory where frames from the video are stored
index of the first frame to be used
index of the last frame to be used
an empty frame without the laser
path to the file with the intrinsic parameters of the camera
path to the rotation of the left board
path to the rotation of the right board
path to the translation of the left board
path to the translation of the right board

The Program computes the colored 3D point cloud of the object and stores it in the file scan000.3d, each point in the cloud is represented by one line in the file (cf. uos_rgb ):

x y z r g b
where x, y, and z are the 3D coordinates of the point and r, g, b is the color of the point in RGB color space. To visualize the data you can use Show with the

-f uos_rgb option.

User-Interface of Show

For a more detailed description of the applied algorithms please refer to this presentation.
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